About us

FAMA has discovered that only through our “Garden Model” with regular systems, can we truly change the culture. This FAMA Diagram shows how FAMA is structured and how our different groups or “Branches” work together to create an ever growing “Alliance” of believers. Faith Action Ministry Alliance is dedicated to providing compassion and structured services to grow families in low income communities. FAMA works closely with Inspire, a Christian Targeted Case Management organization. Inspire offers eligible individuals within FAMA to gain access to needed Medical, Behavioral Health Care and Social Services. Where do you fit in?

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One of the most exciting activities that FAMA performs is that of identifying the deepest social and practical concerns of a neighborhood. This activity is the ultimate in grass roots initiative.


This is where the human touch will have its greatest impact! FAMA accesses its database of skilled and unskilled volunteers and matches them to the deep social and practical needs of the community.


Your career and your life calling should be one and the same! Care Consulting allows businesses and their staff to use their leadership and job skills in a redemptive way.

Our Mission

Faith Action Ministry Alliance is organized to engage the community systematically in order to affect enduring, positive social and spiritual change in the city one neighborhood at a time.

Our Vision

Faith Action Ministry Alliance is a living network of Kingdom oriented servants working to rebuild communities and to bring hope.