Pastor Alfred Johnson with FAMA would like to invite you as a table sponsor and or guest to our annual 2021 Leverage Resource Conference September 16th from 8:30am – 2:30pm.
This year we are excited to present to you . The issue of leverage is of immense importance in our hour because we’re realizing that it takes more than just one of us to address the social concerns and needs of our time. We need the added power of leverage. Register Today

The scripture tells us that one of us can put 1000 to flight, two of us can put 10,000 to flight. The covenant partnerships of friends of the family of God produces this kind of leveraged power. You’ve heard over the last many years through Dave Ramsey courtesy of Dave Ramsey his study of Belgian horses. A single Belgian horse can pull 8000 pounds, but if you add another Belgian horse, together they can pull 24,000 pounds, and in addition to that if those two Belgian horses were raised together and trained together, they can pull 32,000 pounds. That is the leverage that comes from unity that is conditioned and trained.

Here at the Faith Action Ministry Alliance, we are doing the same thing with covenant members of the body of Christ. FAMA is an expression of covenant friendship and we leverage our talents as organization and our ability as organizations to get that one great result of healing communities and building stronger neighborhoods.
Register Today! HERE . If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly at 813.773.3262