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FAMA is Families

FAMA is the backbone entity for the 20 member organizations that comprise it. This strategic alliance of Christian for-profit and not-for-profit organizations allows for its members to provide services relevant to their distinct skill sets. The services are strategically organized and streamlined for the benefit of the community. The FAMA meets once a month to share information, discuss and measure current community activities and to determine future actions. Although the FAMA is currently comprised of twenty member organizations, its fate is not tied to these particular organizations. In fact, it is one of the goals of the FAMA to broaden its membership base to increase its in-reach into communities.

FAMA is Communities

Our Mission

Faith Action Ministry Alliance is organized to engage the community systematically in order to affect enduring, positive social and spiritual change in the city one neighborhood at a time.

Our Vision

Faith Action Ministry Alliance is a living network of Kingdom oriented servants working to rebuild communities and to bring hope.


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