What We’re Doing to Help People

F.A.M.A. Programs

Faith Action Ministry Alliance is dedicated to providing, compassion and structured services to enhance the families in low income communities.  Through our specific initiatives we will rebuild the families in low income communities.

Unified Campaigns

  • Reclaiming the Children
  • Serving and Restoring the Homeless
  • Community Care Canvassing
  • Sponsoring Community Clean Ups
  • Civic Engagements

Volunteer Supports

  • Provide reinforcements to local christian led organizations
  • Provide platform for christian led organizations to share with local churches
  • Financial support for Christian led organizations as local missions
  • Christian led organizations providing discipleship outlets to local churches.

Local Church Strategic Campaigns

  • Fathers to Children  – Reconnecting Fathers to Children to build Strong Family units.
  • EX G/I- Healing hearts, restoring healthy sexual identity
  • Skills- Developing skills for adults through trade school
  • F.A.M.A Drama- In school, local parks, Dream Center, and Church youth group rallies that teach morality, life culture and statistical lessons
  • Embrace- Outreach Ministries to local daycares
  • Homeless- restoring individuals to live independent lives.
  • Crossroads – Assisting Women in Crisis
  • Reach and Teach- Tutoring Outreach
  • Grow Groups-Lessons in independence- Goal Setting, Budgeting, Growing Wealth/Family Builders
  • Project Bless- Code Enforcement remedies ministry
  • Pro-Action- Sports Outreach