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What F.A.M.A. does....

"We Build Bridges of Hope in Low-Income Communities"

F.A.M.A. helps...

Bridging the Social Gap

Bridging the gap that exists between hurting, anxious youth and mature, moral and hopeful adults.

Rebuild Communities through the Power of the human touch

Assisting with filling the social vacuums created by the lack of consistent, healthy, natural systems.

Private Education

Facilitating neighborhood conservative ideas that will serve to motivate the youth toward duties associated with personal responsibility, personal development, community sensibility and an eternal outlook.

Our Leadership is committed to seeing low-income communities transformed through the Power of the Human Touch.
The mission of the credit union is to enrich the lives of our members by providing quality financial services within the credit union philosophy of people helping people while maintaining a strong financial foundation.

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What you will get to experience.

  • Community Engagement
  • Private Education Support
  • Staffing assistance
  • Bridge building
  • and much more

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